Alaska Airlines “Buy One Get One” Row Promotion Returns

Alaska Airlines is bringing back its “Get the Row with BOGO” promotion. From now through September 16th, passengers booking a flight and traveling by October 31st can get a whole row to themselves when they book a flight.

The promotion

The “Get the Row with BOGO” applies to new tickets purchased starting today through September 16th for travel by October 31st. Travelers can buy one ticket and get a second ticket on the same flight for just the taxes and fees, which does not amount to much.

Because Alaska Airlines is blocking middle seats through October 31st, passengers will be able to get an entire row to themselves.

Sangita Woerner, Alaska’s senior vice president of marketing and guest experience, commented in a statement to Simple Flying,

“Our hope is that with this offer, as well as our Next-Level Care and middle seat blocking through Oct. 31, our guests are given further peace of mind while traveling to our more than 115 destinations this fall. We have added layers of safety to keep our guests and employees safe when they are ready to fly, and hope to see many of them in the skies in the coming months.”

Terms and conditions and how to use

To use, head over to Alaska Airlines’ website, enter your departure and arrival cities, dates, and make sure you select two travelers to take advantage of the promotion. The discount code is GETYOURROW. Enter the code before you search for flights. Once you have chosen an itinerary, select the window and aisle seats to get your whole row. You may not have a nonstop flight, depending on your destination, but might have to transfer in the airline’s largest hub in Seattle.

Tickets must be purchased by 23:59 on September 16th Pacific Time. There are some further restrictions. Passengers can only use this when purchasing standard economy class fares (no basic economy fares). This is also not valid for first class fares. You also won’t have to deal with change fees if you have to alter your travel.

The discount is valid for all Alaska Airlines destinations, minus Prudhoe Bay (SCC). The deal is valid on various days depending on your destination:

  • Travel to Hawaii or Mexico on Sundays through Wednesday
  • Travel from Hawaii or Mexico is valid from Tuesdays through Fridays
  • For all other destinations, the promotion is valid for flights from Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays

The return of the promotion

Back in early August, Alaska Airlines launched the buy one get one promotion. Aside from a few changes to the days where the promotion is valid, the terms remain the same.

This promotion is designed to spur people to fly with the airline. Even with a blocked middle seat, it still does not reach the six feet of distance recommended in the now ubiquitous social distancing. However, getting a whole row to yourself gives you a chance to separate from people across the aisle.

Peak leisure travel days are excluded from the promotion. Fridays and Sundays are the busiest days for passengers heading to or from a vacation. Unless you are flying from Hawaii or Mexico to the contiguous United States or Alaska on those days, you won’t get a chance to take advantage of the promotion.

However, if you have some flexibility and can leave a day or two early or come back a day or two later in the week, then you’ll be able to get the whole row to yourself.


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