Cathay A350 Wing Tip Damaged In Minor Hong Kong Collision

Oops – it looks like two Cathay Pacific aircraft were damaged when they scraped by one another on the tarmac of Hong Kong’s International Airport. It appears that the sharklet of an Airbus A350 “high-fived” the horizontal stabilizer of a Boeing 777-300ER. Photos surfaced on Twitter yesterday, showing the damage to the two aircraft.

Initially reported by Danny Lee of The South China Morning Post, the incident appears to have taken place somewhat recently. In the Twitter post, we can see two photos: the close-up shot of a slightly damaged right-sharklet of an A350 and a distant view of a Boeing 777-300ER with its left horizontal stabilizer banged up.

Looking closer at the image of the 777, we can see crews at the scene, either investigating or cleaning up the debris of the accident. We can also see that the aircraft had registration B-KPD. According to Airfleets, B-KPD is a 12.5-year-old Boeing 777-300ER – one of its more unique characteristics is that it sports a special oneworld livery on its side. Data taken from shows that the aircraft flew as recently as April 13th, making a trip from Hong Kong to Sydney, then back to Hong Kong.

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