How Much Has US Travel Rebounded?

The United States has started to see its steady rebound in passenger travel. Week after week, the TSA is recording more people going through security, and thus, more people flying. Airlines have also been responding in kind with increases in capacity and flights. But, that begs the question, how much has US travel rebounded?

Week-on-week screening numbers show signs of an increase

Using week-upon-week numbers, the TSA has seen a steady increase in passengers since mid-April with numbers expected to go up. Every week, the TSA is recording increases in the number of people who cross through security checkpoints around the country. On June 4th, the last publicly available date of full screening count at the time of publication, the TSA screened 391,882 passengers. This is a good sign indicating that passenger numbers could cross 400,000 on Friday, June 5th.


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