Qantas Wins Court Case Against Cancer Employee Sick Pay

A union lead court action against Qantas failed yesterday when Australia’s Federal Court ruled in favor of the airline. The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) had taken Qantas to court because the airline had stopped paying some of its employees their sick leave. In March, Qantas had stood down the majority of its 30,000 employees.

Qantas pays out holiday leave, draws line at paying sick leave

The airline did allow stood down employees who’d accrued long service or holiday leave to access that, but it discontinued paying other forms of leave, saying there was no work for them to be on leave from. In April, Qantas told its employees;

“Sick/carer’s leave will not apply during any period of stand down, so you will continue to be stood down and will not be entitled to any sick/carer’s leave payments.”

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