SAS Set To Move Its Copenhagen To Tokyo Route To Haneda

SAS has made moves to switch its destination airport in Tokyo from Narita to Haneda, in a move that will greatly benefit Olympic passengers.

SAS, the flag carrier of Scandinavia, has decided to switch its arrival airport for its Tokyo route from Narita to Haneda. The slots for this more preferred airport came up in the same lottery that awarded two slots to Australia (snapped up by Qantas and Virgin Australia) as well as slots to Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. The latter two of which switched their flights from Narita to Haneda too.

SAS’s main reason for this is that Narita is far away from the downtown of Tokyo compared to the much closer Haneda Airport. Significantly closer, as well as cheaper too. Passengers would expect to pay $70 USD from Haneda compared to over $200 USD from Narita (and be stuck with an hour longer commute).

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