Today’s private jet operators seek to ensure that in-flight catering meets high standards in terms of service, food handling, safety, security, and costs. The standard of service to meet the needs of the corporate and private jet segment has been raised considerably and the dining experience on a private jet has become one of the key aspects of executive travel.

At Smooth flight company support, we are committed to sharing our client’s goal of securing the best experience with the highest standards and most convenient price. Let us take care of your in-flight catering needs, rest assured and feel the difference.

We mediate with Sri Lankan Airlines Catering, to ensure your flight meals and beverages are supplied according to your requirements and are at best quality and hygiene. Smooth flight company support can arrange for food and beverage services and ensure that your VIPs receive the level of service they deserve

We offer value-added services including:

Dining and food handling
Flower arrangements
Equipment cleaning
Catering handling and delivery
In-flight beverage Wine and spirits
Menu arrangement and management