United Airlines COO Tells Employees To Consider ‘Voluntary Separation’

A May 4th memo sent to United employees by COO, Greg Hart, indicated that employees should consider the opportunity to take a “voluntary separation” from the airline. This comes as United starts to consider its future once this crisis is over.

A “voluntary separation”

CNN Business reported on COO Greg Hart’s memo. In it, the executive asked employees to consider a voluntary separation from the airline if it financially suited employees and their families as United will have to “right size” its workforce.

Plenty of airlines are encouraging employees who are able to do so to take voluntary unpaid leaves of absence to help right the airline’s finances. However, United appears to be taking it a step further, asking for voluntary permanent leaves. A separate CNN Business report stated that the airline is requiring management and administrative employees to take 20 unpaid days off of work before October and to take at least 50% of their vacation time by September 30th.

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