WestJet 737 Forced To Divert As Passenger Removes Mask To Smoke

On Sunday, June 14th, a WestJet Boeing 737 flying from Vancouver to Toronto had to divert to James Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg. The diversion was due to an ‘unruly’ passenger, who allegedly lit a cigarette and failed to comply with crew instructions to wear a mask. The man faces a hefty fine and is charged with several offenses.

An unruly and non-compliant passenger

According to CTV News, Manitoba RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) were called around 14:30 (Central Daylight Time) and were directed to meet the aircraft at the Winnipeg airport:

“They were advised this male had lit up a cigarette on board and was also not listening to any of the directions from the flight crew which included to don his personal safety mask as well,” – Corporal Julie Courchaine, Manitoba RCMP via CTV News

The 60-year-old man from British Columbia was arrested and taken into custody. The individual faces several offenses, including failure to comply with flight crew instructions to wear a face mask.

source https://simpleflying.com/westjet-737-smoking-passenger/

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