Will Delta Retire Some 767s Amid Capacity Cuts

The Boeing 767 is a workhorse for Delta Airlines and operates a number of key routes– especially to South America and Europe. However, most of the carrier’s 767s are currently parked due to international travel restrictions and a lack of demand. The question is, will Delta retire some older 767s to cut costs?

Retiring the Boeing 767s

American Airlines may have already flown its last 767 flight. Recently, the carrier also replaced some routes with Boeing 787 service. However, Delta has not laid out plans to retire the 767s from its fleet.

Per a filing from the airline, there were 56 Boeing 767-300ERs and 21 of the larger -400ERs in the airline’s fleet. The -300ERs have an average age of over 23 years. Meanwhile, the -400ERs are over 19 years old.

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